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Instructions for Temporary Bridge

You have just received a temporary bridge. This temporary bridge is meant only to serve your needs while a permanent one is being made for you. Although we make the temporary resemble the final bridge, it may not look exactly like the permanent. It is not unusual to have some temperature sensitivity while the temporary bridge is in place. This, in most cases, will be relieved by the replacement of the temporary bridge with the permanent one. Taking over the counter pain reliever such as Tylenol or Ibuprofen should handle any post-treatment discomfort. It may be a good idea to take one of these immediately after the appointment before you experience any discomfort.

Other Things to Keep In Mind:

1. The temporary cement requires about 30 minutes to set. Please do not chew during that period of time.

2. You should be able to use the temporary bridge normally when eating. Certain foods will stick to the bridge. Please refrain from chewing gum, candies, or foods that might stick to the bridge or even pull it out. (gum, gummy bears, caramels, ice, etc.)

3. Temporaries are not strong; they may occasionally become loose, break, or come off. If this should happen to you, this is not a dental emergency. However, please contact our office immediately, bring your bridge with you and we will replace or re-cement the bridge. If this happens at night or on the weekend, replace the temp on your tooth. This can be done by filling it with toothpaste, Vaseline, or Fixodent to hold it in place until your appointment.

4. It is important that the temporary bridge remains on the tooth to protect the underlying tooth structure. Without the bridge, your teeth may move, and then the permanent bridge may not fit!

5. Please clean around the temporary bridge as you would any other tooth. Do not brush or floss too vigorously around your temp bridge. Remember that it is important to keep the area clean/healthy and not bleeding – but use caution.

6. It is imperative that you return to our office on the appointment date for your permanent bridge. Failure to do so may result in the need to re-prepare the tooth and re-make the bridge at your cost.

Remember to call ​​promptly in case of unusual developments.

Instructions for Permanent Bridge

You have just had some crowns or fixed bridges cemented onto your teeth. They will replace your missing tooth or teeth very well, and should give you years of good service – provided you observe the following cautions:

Chewing:​ Do not chew hard food on the restorations or crowns for 24 hours from the time they were cemented – to attain optimum strength, the cement must set for about 24 hours.

Sensitivity: ​Don’t worry about mild sensitivity to hot or cold foods. This sensitivity will disappear gradually after a few weeks. Infrequently, sensitivity lasts longer than six weeks. Please notify us if this occurs.

Preventive Procedures:​ To provide optimum endurance for your restorations and to prevent future dental decay and supporting tissues breakdown, please use the following preventative procedures:
__Brush and floss after eating and before bedtime.
__Use a fluoride rinse, swish rapidly for at least 30 seconds daily.
__Brush with fluoride toothpaste if prescribed by our office.
__Use a (WaterPik, electric toothbrush, etc.) as advised by us.

Follow Up Visits

Recalls: The​ most significant reason for prosthesis failure is inadequate return for follow-up exams. Visit us at regular exam periods determined by your dentist. Often problems that are developing around the restorations can be found at an early stage and corrected easily. Waiting for a longer time may require redoing the entire restoration.

Problems: Call us immediately if any of these conditions occur:

  • A feeling of movement or looseness in the restoration.
  • Sensitivity to sweet foods.
  • A strange taste from the restoration site.
  • Breakage of a piece from the restoration.
  • Sensitivity to pressure.

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