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How long will my dental bridge last?

Your bridge can last as many as 15 years or even longer if taken care of properly. While we cant guarantee you a length of time that your dental bridge will last, they are built for long term use.

Can I take my dental bridge out?

A dental bridge is a fixed dental prosthetic, meaning, that it cannot be removed. It cannot be removed because it is bonded to your teeth. If you are looking for a removable option then you might want to consider dentures instead.

How Much Do Dental Bonds Cost?

On average, you can expect to pay about $300 per tooth. This is also dependent on the type of repair that is being done. Some repairs are more technical than others so if you are considering a dental bond to fix your teeth be sure to consult your dental practitioner for exact costs.

Why are dental bonds used?

Dental bonds are used to fix a number of issues. They can be used to fill cavities, repair chipped or cracked teeth, fix tooth stains, close spaces between teeth, lengthen teeth, change the shape of teeth as well as cosmetic alterations to teeth. Dental bonds are extremely versatile when it comes to tooth repairs.