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Worst Holiday Foods for Teeth

3 Worst Holiday Foods for the Teeth
Holidays are always exciting, especially for food lovers. Families usually whip up their signature recipes which are loved by relatives young and old. However, we tend to forget how these foods affect our teeth and gums. Here are some of the foods that have the worst effects on our dental health.


Dessertsholiday foods

Pies, Christmas cookies, cakes, puddings, and all sorts of holiday desserts have a sticky or chewy consistency that can promote plaque buildup on the tooth surface. They are also often filled with compote, fruit and sugar cooked together to make a jam-like mixture. While a slice of pie shouldn’t be an issue, many of us are guilty of having second, third, and even fourth helpings of holiday desserts. Keep your serving sizes to a minimum and drink plenty of water to wash away the sticky residue left on the teeth.


Gravy is usually a staple for any holiday meal. Unfortunately for gravy lovers, this viscous, oily sauce can coat every single tooth and increase plaque buildup. Combine it with the fibrous turkey or pork meat that gets stuck in between teeth and you’ve got a formula for cavities. The best way to prevent this is by flossing and brushing after you’ve eaten your last helping of dinner.

Cocktails and drinks

What party would be complete without alcoholic drinks? But alcohol has a high acid content which can erode tooth enamel, making the teeth sensitive and more prone to decay. To regulate your alcohol intake, add some ice to your cocktails. Diluting the alcohol with ice can help reduce its acidity. Also count your glasses and limit your alcohol intake throughout the entire dinner. Alternate alcoholic drinks with water or fruit juice.

Celebrating the holidays with good food is a tradition all over the world, but it also puts your oral health at risk if you’re not careful. That’s why should see your Snellville dentist to keep your teeth in check no matter what time of year it is.

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Happy Holidays, everyone!